About Us


Mughal Tents, is the most efficient and illustrious who manufacture all types of tents and canopy, marquees needed for events. The origins of Mughal Tent in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. We are supplying those tents who are mainly use in camping,resort,beach,wedding,safari etc. All of our tents are designed from top quality fabric and effectively use in rough kind of weather condition because its tolerance capacity is high. Our tents are inspired by the Rajasthan tradition which offers you the opportunity to select extremely unique,amazing and exotic tents.

Mughal Tent Manufacturer make sure that each canopy that we provide to our prestigious customers should be attired with necessary components like wooden poles,wooden or iron picket, flooring ,tie ropes,royal seating,lanterns and many more. We offer latest designing pattern to our tent to make it up to date and stylish.


Quality is the identity of Mughal Tent Manufacturer ;our tents speak the story about his quality when it assemble in the ground with their great stability. We test our products from tensile strength, harsh climate withstanding waterproofing, durability,fireproofing,, elegance, and fastness. The quality parameters becomes more strict in case of customized products. We add some international quality standards in creating our tents.


Our Products Range

We offer an wide ranging of astonishingly and perfectly designed tents; each and every Mughal Tents are unique in their look but all are same in features that mean our all kind of Mughal tents are of high quality features. Our tents are not only beautiful but also they have comfortable shelter which provide smooth ambiance.
Mughal Tent Manufacturer has numerous kind of Tent :-

  • Raj Tents
  • Garden Tents
  • Wedding Tents
  • Shikar Tents
  • Safari Tents
  • Big Party Tents
  • Ottoman Tents
  • Family Tents
  • Restaurant Tents
  • Pole Tents
  • Maharaja Tents
  • Pergola Tents
  • Indian Tents
  • Resort Tents
  • Relief Tents
  • Dining Tents
  • Exclusive Tents
  • Children Tents
  • Marquee Tents
  • Canopy Tents
  • Sunshade
  • Hammocks
  • Pavilion Tents
  • Shamiana Tents
  • Camping Tents
  • Room Tents
  • Frame Tents
  • Beach Tents
  • Party Tents
  • Exhibition Tents
  • Canopy Tents
  • Royal Maharaja Tents
  • Swiss Cottage Tents
  • Jungle Safari Tents
  • Tents Accessories
  • Umbrella
  • Tent Furniture

Our Infrastructure

We are at Kirti Creations, employ the most innovative and latest with advance methods of manufacture like the CAD and CAM. In customized requirements these techniques helps a lot in creating new and latest designs. We also have a testing facility which are inside in our manufacturing unit. We are adorned with highly qualified and dedicated team of workers and in additional we have highly advanced machinery and equipment. Our important human resources are designers,quality inspectors, researchers and many more. We also possess sate of art techniques.


Why Us?

  • Large scale production capacity
  • Manufacturing are based on highest quality standards
  • Dedicated,Highly trained and experienced team members and workers.
  • Astonishing and innovative designs are available
  • Customized products Specialist.
  • Compelling customer support service
  • Offering online product showcase and product enquiry
  • On time delivery


Mughal Tent manufacturer are well known tent service providers and our products are supling throughout the world. We pay as much pay attention to to maintain our new clients as well as our regular client. Our strong consumer bound is only because of our unconditional services and of course our elegant and beautiful tents which make your event memorable for you and for us too.